Saturday, August 1, 2009

Making His Blog Debut...Baby Elias!



Born: July 12, 2009 @ 7:22am


21 inches long

Loved By:

His Daddy, Mommy and Big Brother Eian

Elias' Birth Story

Oh God has blessed me! Not only did He bless me with this handsome little boy but He also blessed me with a rather quick and complication free delivery.

I had false labor just three days before I actually delivered Elias. So it made it difficult for me to really determine if I was actually in labor. My true labor started around 1:00 am Sunday (the 12th). I noticed menstrual like cramps when I got up to use the restroom but they felt just like the false labor did a few nights before. I had vowed I would not be fooled again!!! So I tried to ignore them and get some sleep. They were mildly uncomfortable but allowed me to drift in and out sleep. I finally had to get up and move around simply because I had that "burst" of energy you hear about. So I tidied up the kitchen to keep my mind off what I hoped was happening and timing them about 5 minutes apart. This lasted through the early am until around 5:30 staying consistent at the 5 minute mark.

David woke up and asked me my status. I STILL was unsure if I was in true labor or not because they were not becoming more painful like I was told they would. At this point they were very manageable. However, right about that time I felt a strange vibration "down there" almost like a swift kick from the baby. I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom checking to see if my water broke, but nothing.

David and I decided to go ahead and go in just to be safe. So I changed clothes, put on socks and tennis shoes and low and behold... a big gush went down my leg all the way to my shoes! I was forewarned from my doctor that I would most likely deliver quickly once my water broke because my older son was that way. So the race was on to get to the hospital before we had to resort to my husband scrubbing up!

We got to the hospital shortly after 6:00. We don't live far from and in fact my husband timed himself as getting us there in 7 minutes! In those 7 minutes I had three very strong contractions and so the nurses wasted no time getting me to the delivery room. I was 95% effaced and dilated to 4cm at around 6:20. It seemed like an eternity but in less than an hour and only 3 pushes later our little guy made his entrance into the world!

It was a wonderful bonding experience with my husband as I had to lean on him for comfort from the pain. I hoped to go without the use of pain meds but I went so quick I would not have been able to get them even if I had wanted to. David was great though. he was constantly running to get me ice chips or wet my wash cloth and encouraged me the whole way. I would not change a thing about Elias delivery if I had to do it all over again. Elias is such a wonderful addition to our family. It' hard to imagine our family without him!