Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm Still Here!

Okay so I know all of you thought I fell off the face of the Earth, but I promise you that I am still very much alive! My life became busier than usual shortly after my last post. The Lord's been helping me focus on my main priorities and my blog once again had to take a backseat. A ton has happened since February so I don't even know where to begin but I'll just highlight the big stuff.

I'm sure you all are curious about the little bambino I'm caring and he's doing great. Yes, I said HE! I think most couples hope to have both a boy and a girl but we are just pleased as punch that he's healthy and another little boy is what God's planned for us so we are super excited! Eian was with us at the ultrasound and literally jumped out of his seat and clapped yelling, "Yes, yes. I just knew I'd get a brother!"

He's been the sweetest kid about this whole baby deal. He comes by at random kissing or talking to my belly, especially since I told him the baby can hear sounds from outside the womb now. I just had a check up last week and all is right on target for July 13 but as all of mom's know the due date doesn't always mean much!

For an update, my niece is still with us but things are going great with her dad. I'm not to discuss details but what I can tell you is that the Lord is totally in control and my brother submitted his life to Christ almost two months ago! Funny how his tremendous improvement started taking place right around the time he got saved, huh? Praise God!

My husband is once again out of work but we are hopeful that something will come through. In the meantime, the Lord has used David's time at home to open our eyes to focus more on our marriage, parenting, and most importantly our spiritual growth. My husband and I have had some of the best conversations and have grown closer than we have ever been. I would not trade these past few months of financial hardship for anything! Like I mentioned at the beginning of my post, God has been working on helping me prioritize. Marriage is something you consistently work at but He now has David and I focusing on being better parents.

Neither my husband and I grew up in Christian homes, let alone know the Biblical principles to marriage, parenting, money management, etc. So the Lord has been working on us like you would not believe and it's for this reason I have not been more faithful in my posting. I do hope to get my testimony posted soon though. I celebrated my third year of being a follower of Christ this past February and I know some of you have wondered about my testimony.

I can say that I have nothing to hide, especially after bearing my soul in front of 100 women at the women's retreat a few weeks ago! I DO NOT like speaking in front of large groups, yuck!! God asked me to do it, I obeyed (reluctantly at times), and He got me through it! So I'll get that posted soon I hope. The retreat went so good by the way. Thank you to all of you who prayed over the planning. I have a few pics that I'll share soon as well.

Well I can say with confidence that I do not lack for anything to post on but just the time to do it! Please continue to be patient with me. I have missed all of my blog buddies though and hope that now the retreat planning is done I can keep up with everyone more.

Until next time....



Lori said...

So pleased to see you back in the blog-o-sphere! Sounds like the Lord is working overtime in your home ~ makes me wonder HOW in the world He can be working so hard in your home and mine [at the same time] :o)

Looking forward to hearing your testimony and I can't wait to meet that sweet little boy you have been blessed with!

Stacy said...

Love you girl, and can't wait for timing to be on our sides!

littletoesandcheerios said...

YAY Stef I was So worried about you. Good to see you back on here.

Jenn @ A Country Girl's Ramblings said...

Steph, so glad to see you blogging again. You have been on my mind a lot lately. I'm also happy to hear that your baby boy is growing healthy and strong. I want to see a prego picture! I'll e-mail you soon on the natural childbirth stuff. Take care friend!

Anonymous said...

Stefani, I'm so glad you commented on my blog. I'd been checking yours and getting kind of worried. I was about ready to email Nikki to check up on you when I saw your comment. So glad to hear you guys are doing well, and we'll definitely be praying about a job for David. We miss you guys, can't wait to hear about the birth of your new little one. Looking forward to keeping in touch again.