Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Darn my Uterus!

Oh I knew I would get your attention with this post name!!! I think I'm taking after my girl at Little Toes and Cheerios (check out her today's post and you'll understand!). Actually my son's here and said, "Uh, Mom is that really how you spell utters?" Oh I died laughing!

Well let me just tell ya about my darn utters, I mean uterus. I went in today for what should have been a simple 10 minute appointment to hear the babies heartbeat. I had my 10 week and first prenatal check up two weeks ago and the nurse couldn't get the heartbeat with the little hand held thingy. She assured me I shouldn't worry and that it was still a tad early. Well I prayed about it, gave it to the Lord and got on with my life. I would be lying though if I said I wasn't the least bit anxious about today's appointment.

Since the miscarriage last year I guess I've been a little more cautious this time around. Even though I dared not to admit it to myself or anyone else, I secretly told myself, "Don't get too excited until you hear the heartbeat." I still trusted God with whatever the outcome may be but it's like I put on this steel armor for the last two weeks in order to not be too disappointed. Does that make sense?

Anyway, so I get into the doctor's office (finally) and she got down to business with the little hand held thingamajig. She slowly and patiently scanned my belly for any signs of a really fast swishing sound. After what seemed like an eternity, still nothing. As I was laying there I prayed, "Lord, I know your ways are not mine and help me to understand your will. Help me to be at peace and to trust you Lord. Please help me to see what you want me to learn from this however this ends up turning out. I trust You, Amen."

The nurse then asked if I knew if my uterus was tilted and I replied no, not that I knew of. She then said she just could not find the heartbeat and would get me in for an ultrasound down the hall. The cutest and sweetest (David and I met her already when we had an ultrasound at 6 weeks because of bleeding) little ultrasound tech welcomed me in. As she was scanning my tummy I turned my head so if what I feared had happened I did not want to see right away. She then turned up the volume and I heard music to my ears, the most precious sound, a wonderfully fast little heartbeat! I immediately burst into tears and thanked God. The ultrasound tech told me to stop because I was gonna make her cry. Seriously, I really had to stop crying because every time my belly moved the baby moved making it difficult for her to get measurements! The baby was so sweet looking with their little hiccups and all! It looked like a little jumping bean!

She then discovered the culprit to our heartbeat hearing difficulties... Yep you Guessed it, MY Uterus! It's tilted towards my tailbone and therefore made it difficult to hear the heartbeat but it should work itself out as the baby gets bigger.

I'll continue to keep you all posted on baby updates as I get closer to our little ones arrival.


momstheword said...

So thankful that everything is o.k! I remember having some bleeding issues with my first (and my second) and being so glad when I heard that heartbeat.

littletoesandcheerios said...

Thank God for that beautiful sound!! Made me tear up thinking of how nervous I was first time waiting to here it.
Congrats to you guys.

*And thanks for the plug on my blog. :)

Lori... said...

Goodness! I have been away from here forever! I didn't even realize you were expecting! Oh, Stepani, congratualations! I pray God's blessing over your womb - may it have His supernatural protection! Remember, the word of God says "...danger can be amongst you, but will not harm you..."

It's not God's will for you to suffer a miscarriage - He has given you this gift and He is not a God of taking away! Blessings Sister!


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Jenn said...

I'm happy that everything is alright. I had a miscarriage between my youngest son and daughter. It is so hard. I did the same thing when I got pregnant with Lauren. I tried so hard not to fall in love with the little one growing in me. I failed though and fell completely in love as soon as I found out I was pregnant.
I will be praying for you and your baby.

Oh, I too, have a tilted uterus, makes for hearing that first heartbeat a little difficult.

LisaShaw said...

Praise God that all is well!!! I had a hysterectomy (sp?) in 1997 but I remember the uterus problems I had with my second daughter. Mine was also tilted.

God has you and your precious baby in His hands and all IS well.

Stacy said...

Just like a little one, already causing you trouble. Auntie Stacy is getting anxious to see those first ultrasound pictures!

Elissa said...

oh, blessings to you and your family! congrats and take care of yourself... (and thank you for naming this post "darn my uterus"...for several reasons!)

Bethany said...

I am so thankful that you were able to hear the heartbeat. I know how scary it is being pregnant again and wondering if your baby will make it.

I know you are so glad to have your little baby and know that he/she is safe and sound. I hope that your pregnancy will be uneventful and that your baby will be happy and healthy!


God bless, Bethany