Friday, April 1, 2011

Having a Little April Fool's Fun

Add ImageI'm not usually known as a prankster and probably take life way too seriously sometimes. April Fool's Day brings out...well the FOOL in me though! :)

There's something about having a day you can plot, plan and follow through with a goofy prank on an unsuspecting family member or friend that's a little thrilling.

So who's my "victim" this year you ask? Well that would be these guy here!

My son is at the age where he loves practical jokes and is always trying to pull one on me and his dad.

So I thought I would put my old scrapbooking supplies (from before days of children) to good use. These little sticky guys are great on the under side of a breakfat plate!

Yep when Eian went to put his empty plate in the kitchen he was delivered quite a surprise!

Now I know many of you mischevious moms probably have more clever ideas than this one but not bad for a last minute thing huh? The whole point was to have fun with Eian and get him smiling before school and I think I succeeded! Happy Foolin' Day!

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Ruthie said...

What a cute April Fools prank.