Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crazy Life, Good LIfe

My goodness I cannot believe it's been two weeks since I last posted! I guess this posting on a regular basis thing isn't going so well huh? I will admit a lot of it is lack of good time-management along with an increasingly unstable schedule as an impending move approaches.

I've been reading several different blogs, usually written by SAHM's, and many talk of having a home binder. It's simply a way of prioritizing your time at home and being more purposeful with it, kind of like how you should treat money. Oh how I need to make one of these but I have been putting it off not knowing what my new schedule will look like in the next few weeks with moving, packing, my sister visiting, etc.

So I plan to keep up with the blog at least once a week (hold me accountable for those who know me) for the next couple weeks until we settled in our new place.

As a side note for the family and friends reading this, Eian is finally accepted the fact we're moving AGAIN. He seems to be doing well with it now as am I. We both realize God has bigger plan in all of this that we cannot see.

Elias has yet another ear infection. We know he needs to get into the doctor to discuss possible surgery options but with moving it's pointless to go through all that with a doctor here. So for now we're praying we can get just one more rx of ear drops to hold him over.

David will be visiting Kansas soon to scope out our new location and find us an apartment. So please be praying for his safe travel. My sister is coming up from Brooksville while he's gone to watch the boys while I work. I know next week will be somewhat stressful and rushed but I'm still looking forward to her visit.

God is also allowing the temps to warm up a bit here for our last week in Florida. The weatherman says we should see high 60's...oh yeah beach here we come! Cannot wait. We haven't seen the beach since November and Eian commented how sad he would he be if we didn't get to go one last time before we leave. Me too kiddo, me too!


Stacy said...

Do you have a dayplanner? You need something like that to at least write daily stuff on. Keep your chin up girl, you'll make it. And send some of that sunshine up my way. was -11 this morning when I got up!

Simple Midwest Mom said...

Yes Satce I do and write down daily tasks and that does help and I do usually get everything done on my planner. It's the non-neccessity stuff like blogging, checking email, facebook, etc that I odn't "schedule" into my day and so therefore either I do it and spend hours at the computer wasting time or not at all. I think I need to set limits and schedule out my entire day as much as possible, like 30 minutes in the am for FB, 30 min for blog, etc. That's why I want a home keeping binder so I feel more purposeful and know that okay today is clean the bathroom, wash sheets, etc. so that the whoel house gets attention. I hope to start one after we move.