Saturday, January 29, 2011

Life Happens

I was doing so good, posting everyday, even sometimes twice in one day! But life happens and it certainly has this week and is the reason for my absence since last Sunday!

I've had to work a few more hours this week than normal since the manager is on vacation which leaves me busy catching up on housework during the day. I also went through a bout the first part of the week with extreme fatigue and fighting a chest cold but thank goodness it has passed.

We've also been busy working on getting our house sold back in Indiana. Lots and lots of back and forth conversations with our mortgage company and the realtor! David and I usually get one day a week that we are both not working and thought I might get some blog time while Elias played with Daddy. That plan was a no go as we spent the day running around making copies, getting things notarized, faxing, etc.

We have managed to make some much needed time to start having our family nights again. It was a special treat to have the weather warm enough to go the park. However, it appears we will be giving it up to submit to the freezing cold again in Kansas! Yes, I said Kansas! It appears David will be transferred the end of February. That has also kept us busy making plans for the big 17 hour move!

You can see I have good intentions for this blog but my family takes precedence as they should. I hope to get back in the swing of things soon. I will still be doing my giveaway for the $25 Visa card and two dinner kits this coming Tuesday, so make sure to enter!

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Jenn said...

Hey you! It was so good to see your comment on my blog. I didn't realize you were still blogging.

You are right that family does take precedence over blogging...definitely the way it should be.