Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby Update

I have to say, I love my blog, especially now after my preggo checkups. Friends and family are always anxious to hear how it went and I would love to call each and every one of them. Working full time and two kids doesn't allow much time to call 10 people though! So I'm going to start posting updates, starting with this one.

We went today for my 16 week checkup. My once tilted uterus is normal for now and allowed us to pick up the baby's heartbeat right away through the regular hand held thingy. It was a healthy 140 beats per minute! The doctor said all my labs came back normal, she says I seem to be in great health and everything seems to be progressing normally.

Our next checkup is the BIG ULTRASOUND where we can find out the sex of the baby. We have decided to find out, we're impatient people what can I say! No really, we had thought about not knowing but it would be nice to know if we can use Eian's old baby clothes or do we need a new wardrobe?

The doctor did briefly talk with us about labor and delivery. I went so quick after my water broke with Eian (dilated from 3 cm to 10 cm in 2 hours!) that she said we may want to schedule it just to be safe but it was our decision. Apparently your labors tend to go quicker with each additonal child. I don't know, I don't like "making" things happen unless absolutely necessary. I want it to be the Lord's time not mine or David's just because it's what's convenient for us. It would be different, and would pose a health risk, if we lived an hour from the hospital but we only live about 15 minutes away.

I did tell her that my goal is to go all natural with childbirth, no drugs. This may be the last chance God gives us for a baby and not going naturally with Eian was something I kind of regretted. Hubby and I definitely need to hone in on our pain management system though(breathing, massage, etc.). Do any of you have stories (good and bad) of going naturally? What kind of pain mngt method did you use and did it work? Please share!!


Anonymous said...

Glad your dr. visit went well! :) My experience with pain management during childbirth was easy: DON'T DO IT! Put me to sleep, and wake me up when it's over! Worked for me! roflmao! And as far as scheduling...make sure you schedule it for after the 17th of July. If you schedule it for then, it will wait, right? lmao! Love you! (oh, and just so you know, if it's and IMPORTANT baby update (such as the sex), you SO had better call me BEFORE you post it for everyone to see!! lol

littletoesandcheerios said...

Awesome news!!!!
I had an epidural for pain. Held out as long as I could stand the pain...about 2 hours. That's kinda long because I had back labor. No pain at all in my abdomen. I had next to no pain when I delivered. The only bad part was since I coulld not feel anything, when the epidural wore off 24 hours later, I felt quite a bit of pain and my recovery was rough. But, if I would do it again, I would do the exact same thing. :)

momstheword said...

My second son came so fast and there was not anyone at the hospital that could give me pain medication (much as I wanted it). So I had to wait.

I had back labor and it was pretty bad. The guy finally got there (he was on call) after I was already dialated to 10 but they went ahead and gave me a spinal block anyway, because I said I'm not pushing without it, lol!

After that it was great! No pain. You can still feel enough of the pressure to know when to push the pain is gone.

I always wanted meds with my labor. For me I had no desire to do it without medication. I understand why people want to but I had no desire to.

Mrs. B said...

Have you ever read the book "Supernatural Childbirth"? This would be a great read for you right now!

I would NOT let them schedule anything - the baby will know when he/she is ready and the Lord has it all under control - already!

I can't wait to have another one! Next one for us is going to be a homebirth! I hear the experience is next to nothing I've ever experienced.

I'm so excited for you!

Stephanie said...

Glad your visit went well!!!

Anxious to hear if you need pink or blue! :)

All of mine have been schedule inductions. Going naturally scared me to death so I was thankful it worked out that way. Things do go quicker with each labor though. My first was 7 and a half hours and my fourth was 3 so be careful :)

Beth in NC said...

We adopted our daughter, but I would love to think I could go without meds (I am really funny about someone sticking a needle in my back!), however, I've never felt the pain and don't know how I'd react. Ha.

I am so glad you had a great check up!


lindanuts said...

How wonderful! Praise His name.
I opted to deliver all four of my children in their own time and without drugs of any kind with the exception on novacaine for the episeotomy(sp.). I just used the breathing and a coach and kept telling myself that it was a short-lived experience and I was getting a beautiful baby. The pain was more a discomfort and easily forgotten. Best wishes for this precious time you are going theough. I envy you. I loved being pregnant.....

Jenn said...

I have fast labors- 3hrs 13min with my first! My second son was induced because I live an hour away from the hospital. I don't recommend induction if you can help it. I was induced with my daughter, too, because she was in distress- couldn't help it that time. My feelings are if they use Pitocin to induce labor, get ready for some high intensity contractions that don't let up. They are horrendous!
I went totally natural with my 3rd son. It was difficult, but do-able. With the pitocin labors, I caved in and took a shot of narcotics, but no epidural for any of my labors.
If you have fast labors then you probably want to shy away from pain meds. They only make you loopy in the head. I felt like I was in a stupor and had trouble following directions!
If you want you can e-mail me and we can talk more on this subject! Otherwise I might write a book right here in your comment section!

Jenn said...

Sorry you couldn't find my e-mail. Its right under my header/picture. It's a button that says contact me.

Melanie said...

So glad the dr visit went well.

Thanks for visiting me last week for WFW!

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I finally made it without an epidural with Samuel (something I really wanted to do) but I did have an IV of something (Nuvane?) that really helped make me woozy enough to relax, which was nice since it was 10 hours longs and I had to lay on my side the whole time because his heart beat was dipping with the contractions otherwise. Do what you want to do--people get way dogmatic about this, but it really doesn't matter one way or another, in my opinion. By the way, thanks for sharing your hubby with Clay a couple weekends ago. We really appreciate you guys.