Sunday, January 23, 2011

DIY: Flour Tortillas

Okay so those who know me know I like to be domestic and try to be domestic. However, they also know the truth is I have had many more flops and failures than successes when it comes to various organizing attempts, home decor ideas and especially kitchen related projects.

Now that I'm home more though, I have become a bit more proficient in the culinary category and am a little more adventurous in my recipe choices.

I have also come to realize how much JUNK my family consumes in easy convenience foods. I'm not a huge health nut or anything, and am certainly not suggesting a ding-dong free diet. I do like the idea of recreating some of those convenience items here at home though with ingredients I know how to pronounce and are just that, ingredients and not some chemical compound.

So in my pursuit of wholesomeness, I have found a great "5 Minute Bread" recipe that we all love and tonight I will attempt to make homemade tortillas!!! I have heard the rumor in the blogosphere that the time isn't really worth it to make these from scratch, so I'm a little nervous this might be a total waste of time or another one to add to my flop list. For us though, tortillas are one of those items that we never seem to have when the craving for Mexican comes around. So I shall continue my expedition because I would love to say the next time my husband or kids ask for enchiladas, sure let me just whip some up! This is a response I would rather give them versus the hurried trip to the store where I end up getting way more than just the tortillas, thus wasting money and gas!

I will keep you all updated on my findings, if they're worth it to make from scratch or not. What convenience food have you started making from scratch? I would love for you to share or feel free to email me and do a guest post!

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