Friday, October 24, 2008

Table for 2 Please

Aha, you thought I fell off the face of the Earth, didn't you? Well I am actually adding a new post with new pics!

This was from last week and thought it was too sweet not to share. Eian's been under my feet so to speak when I'm in the kitchen since he was little. We've made cookies, brownies and other stuff to BAKE but never over the stove really. So you can imagine I went into protective mama mode when he told me this past February that he wanted to make me dinner for my birthday. Now it was just hamburger helper but what if burned his teeny weeny finger? Just kiddin, I loosened the strings and let him do it and he certainly felt a since of accomplishment.

He hasn't really asked to cook since and I haven't encouraged it for no real reason. So the other day I was scrambling to find something to make for dinner quick, since it was already 6:40. He stepped in like the little hero and asked to make hamburger helper and there was already meat thawed. He did a great job and loved the satisfaction from serving Paige and I. He asked if we had one of those big white chef hats but we don't. I think I have a new gift idea for him!

So here's my little chef, isn't he cute, oops I mean handsome?

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