Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Unexpected Change

Yep, it happened! My seven year-old is on his way to manhood, already! Now us mothers would gasp at the thought and say "He's only seven!" but the fathers however say (with a deep masculine tone), "That's my boy!".

Thank goodness I'm not talking about signs of chest or facial hair or God forbid any other bodily things changing on my son. It was unknown to me that this sort of thing could happen so young. The "thing" in which I speak of is this....

I was going on about my business on the computer the other night with blogging, putting bills on the calendar, checking email and so on. It was close to bed time and I knew Eian was in our bedroom watching tv and winding down. Then IT happened! I heard a loud boisterous "Yeah, Yeah! Go, Go, Go! Touchdown- woo hoo, woo hoo! It sounded kind of boyish but I quickly looked in the living room to where I thought hubby had been. Yep, he was still there.

I proceeded to go in the bedroom to my dismay I found my little baby sitting on the edge of the bed with one arm rested on one leg and the other arm and clenched fist were waving vigorously in the air as his team scored! I didn't even know he had a team much less hoot and holler for them!

Nobody warned me that this would happen and at SEVEN! I thought ya know sure he would get interested in sports and watching them with Dad at maybe 12 or 13, NOT 7!!! I asked him naively, "Watcha doin honey?"

"Oh, nothin mom just watchin the game. You just missed it though, so and so (at this point all I can hear is, I am not your little boy any longer) just kicked a 40 yard field goal and now they're up by three! So and so also just made two interceptions, man he is awesome!!! The whole team's looking better this year than last. Their record's really improved."

Huh, what? I wanted to scream "What the heck is a field goal and what's an interception? How do you even know what the team's record was last year and why do you even care?" However, I refrained from such commentary and politely asked what happened to the Disney show he was watching. His response? Na, I'd much rather watch the game! Now mind you, my husband's not even in the room. So my son did this all on his own. I now feel like an outsider because I don't just have one but two men speaking the foreign sports language!

So I guess the next thing I should prepare for is boxer's only and the Go Diego pj's will go out the window! Oh well, this is just a sign my little guy's growing up and I find it an honor that God would let me be a part of it. I guess I need to learn to go with the flow and enjoy my guys while I have them and by a NFL dictionary of sports terms!


Stacy said...

Girl I know how you feel. I can remember when Bob the Builder went out, then yes to boxers only. LOL And most recently - I can't hold your hand mom, coach might see me. They grow up way to fast!

Anonymous said...

I guess one of the good things about having so many girls is that as they grow up I'll still speak their language and be part of their world! I better look out for Samuel, though. Even though he's only two months old, it will be here before we know it!

Alexis - Chickie Momma said...

Hilarious post! My son turned 8 this year, and I know what you mean... *sob* I'm so glad he's growing up... but... *sob some more* can't ya make it go a little slower, God?

And yes, I'm a fellow Avon lady! This is my 2nd year. I'm my favorite customer. haha! Glad to meet you!

momstheword said...

This to to funny! My kids are now 15 & 19 and the youngest is into sports but the oldest is more into politics. I have no idea what they're talking about half the time either....LOL!