Friday, March 18, 2011

Cut Laundry Cost: DIY Dryer Sheets

So anyone who knows me would probably call me frugal (but then you have not met my Mom)
but my recent SAHM status has opened my eyes to ways I'm NOT being frugal. I'm starting to see so many ways to cut costs not just on groceries but other items around the house.
I never realized how spoiled I was in the laundry department. I've almost always used BOTH fabric softener AND dryer sheets...EEEK! I don't know if any of you have seen the price of these items but even with coupons they are pricey. I know you can use vinegar in the rinse cycle for a super cheap alternative and the vinegar smell disappears. I'm still a girl who loves smelly good things though.
So I came up with a low cost way to still have my laundry smell good but be able to at least drop dryer sheets from my household supply list. Last week my husband's socks were getting stretched out and he was ready to pitch them. I decided to cut them up and use them for rags to clean the bathrooms and such. One night when I was doing laundry and we had long ran out of dryer sheets I decided to pour a small amount of liquid fabric softener to the sock and tossed it in the dryer. They work great AND you could usually use the same "sock" twice without adding more softener.
The other added bonus is you can toss the dried sock into your drawer of "delicates" when you're not doing laundry or place in your linen closet to keep the items smelling extra fresh!

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Stacy said...

You need a set of dryer balls, they work great, I don't use dryer sheets anymore with them!