Friday, March 25, 2011

My Baby Turns 10

It's hard to believe it's been ten years since I cradled my first born in my arms. Ten years ago today I discovered that although I was great with other peoples' kids, I wasn't quite sure at first what to do with my own. Ten years ago today God brought this smart, compassionate, witty, sensitive, reflective, and handsome boy into our lives and I am so grateful!
He's still sleeping and so his birthday hasn't officially started but I will have pics up later today of all our happenings. But in the meant time, I thought it appropriate, since he's in the double digits, to totally embarrass him with a pic from 5 years ago. Unfortunately, my scanner isn't set up yet and this was the oldest one I could find.

I just love his toothless grin!

Happy Birthday Buddy!


Jenn said...

Happy Birthday to your son! Ten was always a big deal for me! It reminded me of how quickly the years go by!

Have a great day celebrating!

Simple Midwest Mom said...

Yeah Jenn that's right you're boys have passed that age. I haven't cried yet but it's just an awesome time of reflection and admiring the gift of him in our lives. I've embarrassed him several times by just staring at him with a hint of a tear creeping in.