Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We've moved

Yes that title to my post IS correct. We have moved yet again and is the reason for my absence. We got into Kansas on Friday and are still in the process of getting unpacked and getting settled.

It was cold when we came into town but the weather here is starting to warm up but oh how I miss those beautiful beaches of Florida! We will see you again old friend, some day :). I have a ton of beachy pics of me and the fam from last week before we left but I am forced to use the apt complex business center for now until our cable gets turned on. I hope to have those up sometime next week either on here or facebook.

Monday was a day of lots of first for us. David started his new job and has "training" for the next two weeks. He doesn't really need training since this is a transfer of sorts but he still has to go through some processing and get updated on procedures, etc. He seems to like how they do things and the people he's met there so far.

Monday I took Eian to his new school to get registered. They were in the middle of state testing so he couldn't start until yesterday. He was tired of hanging out with Old Mom and was more than ready to head to school yesterday. I was really proud of him as he boldly and confidently walked into that classroom with the eyes of all his classmates on him. I always hated that feeling but he seemed fine. Oh and it probably helped that Elias went running in after him and grabbed his leg as if to say, "Noooo, Bubby don't leave me!" It was soo cute and there were several "Ahhh's" from the girls in the class. Eian just laughed and said, "This is my little brother. What can I say, he loves me. "

I also got to meet Eian's teacher and was more than pleased with her initial game plan for Eian coming in so late in the year. I'm excited to see how he will grow as a student under her care. Oh and you know you're in a small town when after I dropped him off I stopped by the local Dollar General and the cashier told me the teacher's life story! Gotta love small town life and I do, I love it here so far! I feel like I'm back home in Indiana.

As for me, I also began a first on Monday... life as a full-time stay at home momma! This will probably be short lived as I will begin job hunting once David is assigned a shift. I will just work part-time like I did in Florida and hopefully find something close. The one disadvantage to small town life is there's not usually many jobs available but we'll see. But for now I'm enjoying making our apartment a home and focusing on spending abundant time with the Lord and focusing on my families needs.

So this is all I really have to update you all on for now. I'll keep in touch as much as I can until we get our Internet and cable hooked up. Bye for now.

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