Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Bargain Buy- A 50 cent Purse!

I've shared in recent posts about my increasing furgality and that means I've also had to cut down on my impulse buys. Everyone has their own definition I think on what an impulse buy is. For me, an impulse buy is anything I don't HAVE to have and can live without.

Since David and I are determined to get out of debt and pay off all our credit cards,my must haves are essential items that we use everyday. It's amazing what you learn to do without when you have no other choice.

David and I did determine last week that if we want to be in this Get Out of Debt Plan for the long haul we must give ourselves some play money. My husband especially is one that it makes him feel good to have a few bucks in his pocket and to take that away is way too restrictive for him. So after 6 years of marriage and many arguments later I understand this about him and respect his need for a little wiggle room.

There's a funny thing my husband says about me, "If you had it your way, we'd live barefoot, in a hut, eating ramen noodles and canned beans by candlelight!" Oh I love my man for pegging me even if he did go to extremes! He's right in that I'm a minimalist. The name of my blog isn't just a name, it's me...simple, simple, simple! Less is more has always been my motto.

However, I have been wanting a purse for sometime now. All the ones I have either have holes in the lining or stains that will not come out. Still, for me this is a WANT not a must HAVE so I've refrained from getting a new one or even a used one. Since my husband, in all his brilliancy, suggested the weekly spending money for each us, I decided to to keep my eyes out for a new one. So here's my new splurge. It may not be your style but I think she's beautiful and for only FIFTY CENTS!! She's almost brand new and I'm not sure why I'm calling it a SHE! lol

There's a little shop in town called Care and Share. It's a thrift shop run by volunteers and all proceeds go to people in our little town of 8000 who are struggling to keep their utilities on and buy groceries. I love supporting a good cause and getting a few bargains doesn't hurt either.

I snagged up a few other goodies as well. Like new backpack for Eian for $1, a bath towel that matches our colors,and two pairs of pants for Elias. My total was $5.37!


Carol Larson said...

I WANT that purse!!! (Cause I need another one, right?! lol)

Stef said...

I thought you might be eyeing this one Sis. It kind of reminded me of you!

Nicole@Thrifty Decorating said...

Love the purse! :) We sound a lot alike...I'd rather save, save, save than spend! :)