Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Kid Funny

Don't you love the moments when your kids just surprise you with their wit? Those moments when they say or do something out of character that catch you off guard (the good ones that is!) and you wonder, "Where did that come from?"

Well I had one of those moments with my 9 yr old last night. It was just the two of us, which in itself is a rarity, and we were on our way home from his first 4H meeting here. We were chatting about the meeting and his projects, etc. when he asked me, "Mom did you ever take chemistry in school?"

I answered, "Yes, in high school but I didn't do very well." He then asked me why to which I answered, "Because it includes a lot of math and I am NOT good at math."

He candidly said, "Yep who's the brain's of this family operation? Uh huh this guy!" And as he said "this guy" he pointed to himself in a circular motion. Maybe it was one of those had to be there to get it moments but let me assure you, it was hilarious!

As I started to post this I hesitated, wondering if anyone would find it as funny since you can't see his facial expressions and such. But then I thought for those who read and know my son you WILL get it and get a good laugh!

I hope you all have a great, joy filled day!


Pam said...

That it is sooo Eian!!!

Pam :-)

Carol Larson said...

I can ABSOLUTELY visualize that! lol. I think he's been hanging around Adam, lol. Tell him I miss him! I regret that we haven't had more time to bond..:(