Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Day Fit for a King

Yesterday was a day fit for a king or a ten year old one that is. Yep, I would say Eian had a pretty good birthday. We only got him one gift and all we did was free or pretty close but he didn't care. I think he just liked being the center of attention all day!

The day started off with me letting him sleep in and and then making him blue pancakes with candles.
After that we were off to every kids paradise, what I jokingly call the germ factory, but it was free and he loves going. I guess I have their birthday club and free tokens to thank for that!

He also wanted to check out the Wichita Sports Hall of Fame. If you're a sports fan, like he is, it's great and FREE! He was in boy heaven with all the sports memorabilia everywhere. I try to act enthused but I am not a natural sports fan. I guess with having all boys I need to get with it huh?

We had a few other stops, like picking up a DS game from Best Buy that my sister in Florida got him, thanks Aunt Carol!
We finished the day with his choice of dinner. First he wanted me to make
London broil, mashed potatoes and Wal-Mart corn.
Yes, Wal-Mart brand corn is the only one we'll eat
other than fresh! He changed his mind the other
day though to a hot dog bar. He cracks me up!

His big 1-0 wouldn't be complete without cake and ice cream. Last year I did the rite of passage for moms of boys and made the erupting volcano cake .
But this year he wanted something simple (thank goodness) and he went with plain ole chocolate.

Here's some pics of him and his dad being goofy.

All in all we had a great day and I am in awe of how fast 10 years flew by! sniff, sniff

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Anonymous said...

Wow Eian, what a great day you had! Hunter sends a birthday hug your way and wishes he could of shared your special day with you! He still misses his best bud Eian.